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About PCU

Pelican Cove University offers stimulating educational courses taught by Pelican Cove residents who are experts in their fields, either by profession or interest. 

Pelican Cove University (PCU) began nearly four decades ago when retired professors in the community gave talks in their fields. It has grown significantly since then to include offerings in art, music, craft, interactive discussion, science, history and much more. The development of our own website has enlarged our scope and given PCU the possibility of presenting courses and one-time special events online. We are governed by residents of Pelican Cove.

All classes are taught by volunteer instructors who receive no compensation. Classes are scheduled from January through March, with the possibility of classes at other times of the year. 

PCU’s registration fee allows learners to attend as many classes as they wish. Fees cover the expenses of instructors, the PCU website, Zoom and other technologies required for high-quality audio-visual presentations on and offline.

PCU is committed to academic freedom and to the open and respectful exchange of ideas. It is an ever-changing project serving our community.

Have a question? Please email us at and we will try to respond within 24 hours.

Pelican Cove University Board Members (2024-2025)

John Scibak, Chair

Laurie Kassman, Secretary

Catherine Dunham, Treasurer

Martin Echt

Peter Johnson

Reuben Mezrich

Dan Herman

Sally Hodgson

Steve Bonfilio

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Use this email if you have PCU-related questions or need technical support. We respond to most emails the same day, but you will receive a response within 24 hours of our receiving the email.

Please don’t send emails to the personal email addresses of PCU administrators.