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The class “And the Seasons They Go Round and Round”: Discovering the Hidden Mysteries of the Hebrew Lunar Calendar has been canceled. 

The schedule and location for the course Exploring the History, Culture & Musical Traditions of American Folk Music has changed. It will now be held on Fridays from 1pm to 2:15pm in the Pavilion from Feb 2 to Mar 1. There will be no class on Feb 9 and the last class on Mar 8 will meet in the Harbor Club.

The following courses that meet at Harbor Club will now be meeting on Mar 7 or 8 now that potential conflicts have been removed:


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About PCU

Pelican Cove University offers stimulating educational courses taught by Pelican Cove residents who are experts in their fields, either by profession, experience or interest. The University began a few decades ago when retired professors gave talks in their fields and is governed by residents of Pelican Cove. It has grown significantly over time to include offerings in art, architecture, music, craft, interactive discussion, social science, history and much more.

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Classes take place from January through March and are taught by volunteers who receive no compensation. Classes also may be held at other times of the year. The one-time registration fee allows residents to take as many classes as they wish.  Fees help cover instructors’ expenses and costs of maintaining the website, Zoom and other high quality technologies required for the classes.

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Membership for the 2024 PCU season is just $25.

You can take as many classes as you wish. Course offerings include art, music, craft, interactive discussion, science, history and much more.

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